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Glue, Super T Glue, Yellow Bottle, 2oz.

Glue, Super T Glue, Yellow Bottle, 2oz.

  • $ 9.95

Super T is a gap-filling instant glue with a medium consistency (similar to syrup) and a bond time of about 30 seconds.  This is a very popular general application glue and it is the most used glue in our shop.  We recommend using NCF Quick Accelerator to ensure a complete cure of the bond.  

You may also want to keep a bottle of Super Solvent debonder on hand to remove super glue from your hands and most surfaces. You may not need Super Solvent often, but it doesn’t go bad, and you’ll be glad you have it when you need it!

Great for:

  • small cosmetic gap filler
  • attaching binding

Store unopened bottles in the freezer to extend shelf life.

Item# HOT2 


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